Peanut the Squirrel Chose His Adoptive Parents

Peanut was a baby when he chose his human mom and dad. The couple was going out for ice cream when they heard little feet.

“This little squirrel’s running at us with no fear. So I thought, ’He’ll go back home if we keep walking and find his mom.’ We tried to walk away. He just wasn’t taking ’no’ for an answer,” Lizzy Kimball told The Dodo.

They nursed him to health and they kept trying to teach him how to be a squirrel. However, when they tried to release him, it didn’t go as planned. After the third time, they have realized that Peanut was different.

“I didn’t know these little animals had this capacity for love. He’ll run right up my arm sometimes and boop me on the nose and run away,” Brian Graves shared The Dodo and added that Peanut has taught them so much.

“Sometimes I’ll just hold my hand up, and we hold hans while watching the sunset. I don’t know the last time I watched the sunset. You get busy. You stop looking at stuff. It’s a great reminder of paying attention to the world around you.”

The family now saves other squirrels too.