Super Crimson Albino Iguana Tamerlan is the Closest Thing You’ll See to a Dragon

Dragons are some of the most fascinating mythical creatures, but what if we told you there’s an Instagram account that will make you feel like they’re living among us? Dragon and Me is the pet project of Alexey Kashpersky, the owner of an albino super crimson iguana named Tamerlan.

Tamerlan is an artificially bred iguana that hatched in 2018. His owner Alexey Kashpersky welcomed him with open arms and started an Instagram page Dragon and Me to chronicle their adventures, attracting over 200,000 followers over the years.

“From an early age, almost from the moment I started looking at pictures in books… I was hopelessly fascinated by dinosaurs and dragons. For me, at that age, there was something magical, enchanting, inspiring primal awe in these mythical animals,” he explains on his official website.

Kashpersky is a creative director at Newt Studios, so he can easily make fairy tales come alive through his art, but that just wasn’t enough. He got to live a fairy tale of his own when Tamerlan entered his life, and he’s the closest thing to a dragon that you’ll ever come across.

Kashpersky is hoping his Instagram page will educate people about nature’s incomparable beauty and put a smile on their faces because Tamerlan emits calming and positive energy that his followers can’t get enough of.